AWA, Inc. offers quality USPAP Appraisals on autographs Pop Culture Collectibles, fine jewelry, gemstones, that are accepted by US Courts and Insurance Companies. We are happy to provide free quotes and advise you as to what your collection is worth and how to liquidate part or all of it.

You can email us or call and we are happy to hel

p with your appraisal needs.

Items We Appraise

  • Autographs (20th Century)
  • Toys
  • Movie and Concert Posters
  • Movie Memorabilia
  • Hummell and Lladro Figurines
  • Record Albums
  • US Stamps and Covers
  • Any Pop Culture Collectible
  • Fine Jewelry, gold and gemstones.

Appraisal Types

Liquidation Value: Usually done for Bankruptcies ,this value is assigned for quick liquidation of the material appraised.
Fair Market Value: This is what the item or items should sell for at a well advertised Auction or similar venue.
Insurance Replacement Value: This is the retail value for items that may be stolen or destroyed by fire or floods.


Property, for which a donation is claimed over $5000, must be appraised by a qualified appraiser. The appraiser must submit a self-contained fair market value appraisal that conforms to the IRS regulations. If the items claimed are worth more than $20,000 the appraisal must actually be sent to the IRS with form 8283. If used clothing or household goods have been donated to a charity, and the amount claimed is over $500, and the items are in poor condition, an appraisal must be done as well. The appraiser must complete the appropriate sections of form 8283 and return to the taxpayer to be sent to the IRS. Let  our company help you.

Casualty Loss

Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, tornados, fires or man- made disasters like robbery or theft, often are not insured under your normal homeowner’s policy. If not, you may be able to deduct your loss from your income tax. In order to do this, you must obtain a qualified appraisal. This appraisal must be in correct format and with the proper documentation. That’s why you need to call someone who knows what you’re up against.

Personal Collections

Many homeowners and individuals need appraisals done on their personal collections or treasured heirlooms. This can be for insurance coverage, since many insurance carriers will not cover antiques, art, and collectibles without an appraisal, or it could be for their own use, just wanting to know what their best pieces are worth or even because they might want to sell some of their collection.

AWA, Inc. helps by providing specialists in collectibles. We have people who are familiar with your type of material and can offer the right valuation for whatever your needs would be. This can be the complete contents of a large house to a few items passed on from generation to generation. It can include jewelry, fine art, collections of coins, stamps, baseball cards, antique and collectibles, musical instruments, books, and other collectible categories.

We are adept at doing complete contents, from basement to attic, and everything in between. This could be done in a formal appraisal or a less formal "walk-thru" evaluation based on cursory inspection. In all cases, you are assured that our appraisers are qualified.