How do I know the autograph I am purchasing is genuine?

AWA: All autographs are unique and are evaluated using many factors. We have studied and written numerous articles regarding signature patterns, pen and ink and the like for over 40 years. Our reputation is well known in the autograph community. All our items are given a lifetime guarantee for authenticity. You can be assured we stand by our reputation. 

How do you obtain your autographs?

AWA: We obtain our autographs from various sellers or the celebrities themselfs. People are always comming in to our gallery wanting to sell us something. Sometimes an old autograph book and sometimes old photos and letters signed by famous persons. All are evaluated before we list them for sale.

You have a large quantity of signed celebrity checks on your website. Where do they come from?

AWA: As with all our inventory the checks come from various sources. Private collectors, auctions, or from the celebrity themselfs. Checks make a great collectible and are for the most part self-authenticating.

Do you ship over seas?

AWA: We ship anywhere in the world.


Do you have to actually see the items I want to appraise? 

AWA: We can do an appraisal based on a listing and photographs but would have to list under limiting conditions that we never personally inspected the items in question. 

How much do you charge to appraise a collection?

AWA: Every collection is differant from another. One size or price does not fit all. That is why we supply a FREE estimate before we do any work for you.

Can I meet with Al personally?

AWA: Of course. Al is always happy to meet with customers. If you want to discuss something in particular we suggest you make an appointment by calling 352.383.1958.

If I brought an item to you can you tell me what it is worth?

AWA: Generally yes if the item is in my field. But please remember, when you come to see me on something like this, the time I take with you will be charged for accordingly.